Monday, June 14, 2010

There's no doubt that stage 4 cancer is one of the most horrible things that can happen to anyone, however, there have been contradictory articles regarding the life expectancy of a cancer at such an advanced stage. As a result, this article has been written to spell out, for once and for all, the facts about this issue.

Before I begin, let's get one thing straight. People who are suffering from any type of stage 4 cancer have very low 5-year survival rates. This is unfortunately a fact of life as the human race has still not come up with a cure for cancer. Despite this, you should never lose hope as there have been people who survived a stage 4 cancer and lived to tell the tale. It is highly recommended that you read their tales and draw strength and inspiration from them.

I will now go through a concise analysis of the life expectancy of 3 types of cancer.

Lung Cancer

Statistics show that people with stage 4 lung cancer have a 32% chance of living for one year while only 2% live longer than 5 years. This shouldn't be a cause for concern as that 2% means that there is still hope that you can enjoy many more years with your loved ones.

Colon Cancer

Unfortunately, there have been very few cases of people who have lived more than 5 years with stage 4 of this disease. However, with improvements in chemotherapy you can control the symptoms and prolong the life of a sufferer which could mean so much for them and their loved ones.

Bone Cancer

The good news about stage 4 bone cancer is that the 5-year survival rate is between 19 and 49 percent. That may seem encouraging but keep in mind that it depends on whether the cancer is benign or malignant.

Don't ever forget that your chances of beating cancer or increasing stage 4 cancer life expectancy is strongly dependent on your determination and attitude throughout.